To manufacture high-quality continuous basalt fiber, it is essential to use minerals with a specific chemical and mineral composition. This aspect determines the desired properties of the resulting fibers (thermal, acids and alkali resistance). It is also important to provide correct sampling of the raw material in order to make a representative characterization of the deposit.

The economic success of the project largely depends on the right choice of the closest deposit to the production site, the most accurate estimation of its reserves and characteristics.

Experts working for INNOVATIVE BASALT TECHNOLOGIES are highly experienced and have the necessary technical expertise to carry out exploration and research of basalt raw materials in order to determine whether the deposit is suitable for the manufacture of high-quality continuous basalt fiber.

Work sequence:

• on-site visit for visual assessment of the field and sampling
• laboratory research of basalt raw materials and preliminary assessment
• expert evidence on suitability for fiber extrusion
• if the preliminary assessment is positive, then follows a trial fiber production
• characterization of the obtained fiber with drawing up an expert evidence on the feasibility of CBF manufacture.


If you want to assess the suitability of basalt raw material for fiber manufacturing, let us know and we will answer all your questions.