A global basalt fiber market size is expected to reach $400 million by 2025, according to the report released by consulting agency Global Market Insights. Production of different basalt fibers types and basalt fiber-based composites foster the demand from the majority of industries for these inexpensive products with suitable physical and mechanical properties and gives the possibility of establishing a closed cycle production facilities with minimum footprint.

Basalt deposits are located worldwide contributing to the establishing of basalt fiber production facilities on all continents and intensive research on how basalt fiber can be used and where it can be implemented. The global production base is not yet ready to meet the growing demand for basalt fiber, so accelerating the construction of continuous basalt fiber production facilities has become the main task to saturate the market.

Our experts have developed and implemented an up-to-date, energy-efficient project for establishing a facility for continuous basalt fiber and basalt composite production.

It is based on a proven technology that was developed by the Research Center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and was protected by a number of patents. The resulting continuous basalt fiber has stable characteristics and meets the declared high quality.

Our proprietary advanced technological process is patented in the EU where the production is deployed.

We provide assistance based on a partnership approach starting from pre-project planning and ending with scaling up production operations to the necessary capacity level. Our expertise includes:

  • Research of the deposit to determine whether raw materials are suitable for continuous basalt fiber production.
  • A pilot project for the production of highly demanded continuous basalt fiber products ensuring quick return on the investment that are basalt composite rebar and chopped fiber (with a capacity of 1000 tons / year).
  • Education and training of local staff
  • Designing, construction and equipping a continuous basalt fiber production facility with a capacity of 2500 tons / year
  • Setting up manufacturing of basalt composite products on the initial facilities of the enterprise
  • Designing and commencing the follow-on production lines with annual capacity of 2500-5000 tons and with the prospect of manufacturing fabrics and prepregs made of continuous basalt fiber for the needs of automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft construction.

Our specialists have the skills and the ability to implement a project for the production of basalt scales, which is used as a mineral laminar filler for wear-resistant coatings and composite materials.

Tested in various climatic conditions, this type of coating has proved its high performance which is confirmed by the appropriate documents and reports. Operational lifetime of basalt scale coating in a tropical climate like Havana or Hanoi is 16 years at least, in the Far North conditions, for instance Tyumen, is 15 years at least.

The basalt scale coating was tested as protection of ship structures, decks and pipes; a car underbody; electroplating baths.

The rough, wear-resistant surface of the coating (decks, landing strips for planes, helicopter platforms on ships, floors, steps) performs a double function: it is a reliable corrosion protection that ensures the safe operation, preventing slipping.


If you want to get more information about our turn-key projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber and composites, feel free to contact us, we are available for your inquiries.