Basalt direct roving

Direct roving is a strand of untwisted basalt continuous filaments. Depending on the drawing speed and a number of filaments in a yarn, one-stage basalt roving can be manufactured with different linear density referred to as Tex (defined as the mass in grams per 1000 meters). Basalt direct roving is used to manufacture pultruded profiles, fabrics, unidirectional belts, geogrids, high pressure cylinders and rebar.

Assembled roving

It is produced by merging several direct roving yarns into a stronger yarn with customized higher linear density using special ply doubling machines. It offers high tensile strength and wear resistance. Basalt roving is used to manufacture multiaxial fabrics, ropes, cloth, wound and pultruded products.

Chopped basalt fiber (basalt fiber)

Basalt fibers are manufactured by cutting continuous basalt filaments into fibers with customized length. Chopped basalt fiber is used for dispersed reinforcement of various mixtures: concrete, asphalt, gypsum. Chopped basalt fiber provides three-dimensional reinforcement (as opposed to conventional two-dimensional reinforcement using rebar), higher resistance to wear, cracking, impact, bending and tearing. Chopped basalt fiber is used to make mats and basalt cardboard with improved thermal insulation properties.


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