Application of basalt fiber and composites in construction

  • chopped basalt fiber to reinforce concrete, asphalt, asphalt concrete, gypsum and other types of building mixes;
  • basalt fabric to strengthen and build columns, to reinforce plastics and building mixes;
  • basalt-plastic rebar to reinforce foundations, floors, walls (including bridges, tunnels, hydraulic structures);
  • plaster reinforcing mesh;
  • thermal and sound insulation;
  • pipes;
  • grids and gratings to reinforce soils;
  • bearing profiles;
  • flexible connectors;
  • geogrids for roads;
  • geotextile.

High performance of basalt fibers and basalt composites is particularly important when structures are constructed in earthquake-prone areas, under continuous exposure to moisture and sea water, vibration loads, alternating temperatures, radiation, when it is necessary to avoid radio interference, stray currents, magnetization.


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